Wildlife Watching & Photography

Converse County is one of the best places to experience wildlife. Wildlife here is abundant with elk, antelope, black bear, mule and whitetail deer all in plentiful numbers.

Douglas' Ron Hayes, a photographer who has made his mark in the world of wildlife photography, offers tips for viewing Wyoming's amazing wildlife resources. From the mountains on the southern skyline to the prairies to the north, Douglas and Glenrock and the surrounding area provide ample opportunity to capture a great image.

Hunting & Hunting Licenses

Outdoorsmen and women are also drawn by the county’s abundant wildlife. Hunting licenses are administered by the Wyoming Game and Fish with additional information available at https://gf.state.wy.us.

Each October, the Douglas community welcomes sportsmen and women to town during their annual Hunters BBQs. The first event is held Oct. 2, with the second planned for Oct. 16.

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