Converse County Tourism Board Grant Application for event marketing dollars

  • The purpose of the Converse County Promotion Board shall be to promote travel and tourism within Converse County. Converse County Promotion Board’s primary mission shall be to increase the number of overnight visitors to the county through the effective spending of lodging tax revenue. Applicants are reminded that they are applying for grant dollars and, at the board's discretion, may or may not receive full funding.

    Applications for funding are DUE THE FIRST OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MEETING AT WHICH THEY'RE GOING TO BE CONSIDERED. It is strongly encouraged that you apply for funds well in advance of your event. If you apply the month before your event and the board has questions, there is little or no time to address those questions and your funding may consequently be reduced. If you have questions about the grant application, please contact our contract administrator. (Jennifer Womack • Sagebrush Marketing • 307-351-0730 •

    The Tourism Board DOES NOT issue grants for equipment purchases, capital construction projects, facility or equipment leases, postage, wages or administrative fees.

    The Tourism Board has the right to refuse any or all funding to any applicant based on the board's discretion.

    Applications will only be accepted for projects and advertising that will occur after the application date.

    Any advertising paid for with Converse County Tourism Promotion Board grant monies must include the following statement: Funded by the Converse County Tourism Board with the optional lodging tax. This includes: print, radio and television.

    Applicant is responsible for the accuracy of all printed materials and Board credit.

    All contracts for goods and services under the grant program shall be between the applicant and vendor. In no case will the Converse County Promotion Board be any part of contracts between grant recipient and vendors.

    Within 90 days of project or event completion, grant recipient will submit to the board a final project report and any invoices to be paid using grant dollars. Funds will be unencumbered at this time and outstanding invoices become the sole responsibility of the event hosting non-profit. Both the invoices and the report should be submitted via email to Grant applicants can also be asked to appear on the agenda of a Tourism Board meeting in lieu of submitting a written report. Tear sheets, when applicable, should accompany all invoices.

    Grant recipients have the option of asking a vendor to directly bill the Converse County Tourism Promotion Board at PO Box 1212 in Douglas, WY 82633. Alternatively, grant applicants can submit copies of paid invoices along with a copy of the canceled payment check, and request reimbursement.

    Successful grant recipients will receive an award letter outlining their funds received. Grants are to be administered in accordance with the above guidelines and the award letter.

    Professionalism and completeness are expected by the board when they review the grant application. Please know you are competing for a limited pool of funding. Please do a thorough and accurate job of presenting your grant application for consideration.

    A common question heard by the board is the appropriate amount for which to apply. Financial needs vary by event and the board entertains larger requests if the benefits to the community can be justified. During the 2018 calendar year, grant allocations averaged $2,500 per event. This average includes multi-day events, event series and one-day gatherings.

    Projected attendance, proven past attendance, and the potential for overnight stays can enhance the amount of funding available.

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