Converse County Wyoming – Trails and Rails to the West
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Glendo Reservoir


North Platte River & Glendo Reservoir

The North Platte River runs the length of Converse County making its way through both Glenrock and Douglas. The river served as the Fishing Douglas Wyomingguiding line for many historic trails that made their way through the central Wyoming.

Farmers and ranchers who live along the river draw upon its supplies to water their fields. The river also fulfills a portion of the drinking water for Converse County communities. On the lighter side, many find it a source of reprieve on hot summer days. Tubes are available for rental in Douglas for those who would like to float the river.

In eastern Converse County, the North Platte River flows into Glendo Reservoir. Located just across the line in nearby Platte County, about 25 miles from Douglas, the reservoir draws a multitude of recreationists including fishermen, campers, boaters, water skiers, jet skiers and those just looking to spend a quiet day waterside.

Catching Fish on the North Platte River







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